It can be hard to breach one’s personal sphere to learn about other perspectives, and feel motivated to do so.

Our app, BirdsEye, not only helps deepen your understanding of important topics, but also allows you earn local discounts and prizes by earning points by attending a variety of local events. Get more points for going to events you wouldn’t normally go to!

Our Team

  • Kristine Lin

  • Andrea Liu

  • Fabiola Lopez

  • Jeffrey Wang

User Need

Our goal is to encourage politically engaged users to explore content outside of their personal sphere. We want to help people gain a more comprehensive understanding of topics beyond headlines by providing an incentive, and making.this process interactive.

Our solution to this user need is to help the user find and participate in a variety of local events (talks, panels, discussions, etc.) that will expand their perspective in an engaging way. BirdsEye helps make this task easy, and motivates the user with a reward system and prizes.

Easy to use

Check out our video demo to get an idea of how our app works!

Video Demo

Submitted Materials

P1: Need Finding

We attended two events, observed the proceedings and interviewed attendees to gain insight into opinions on gaining various perspectives on political issues.


P2: Lo-Fi Prototype

Our first design iteration, in which we designed a prototype wherein the user can enter a 360 viewpoint on articles with divided opinions and interactively view articles with new perspectives.


P3: Dark Horse Prototype

Our second design iteration, in which we presented a "riskier" idea for out app. The main idea we came up with here ended up being the basis for our final product.


P4: Conceptual Use Study

A user study conducted in order to compare the effectiveness and utilities of our two prototypes, documenting user preferences gleaned through a prototype walkthrough + interview.


P5: Working Prototype

A working implementation of our final idea, after deciding which design to use. Document contains link to a GitHub with our prototype, a state diagram, and link to a full video demo.


P6: Use Study Evaluation

A user study conducted on our prototype, including data collected from our pilot study and revised final study procedure. We interview people from a variety of political backgrounds.


P7: Final Presentation

A link to the Google Slides Presentation used for our final presentation in class, summarizing our project idea and conclusions from our use study evaluation (P6).


P7: Final Presentation Poster

The poster design we used to present our project idea, app screenshots, and user need at the final showcase.


Full Video Demo

A more comprehensive demo, which shows the full range of actions a user can do. The final video had to be shortened for presentation time limits.